Atlas Media is a Milwaukee-based Digital Sign Company that offers quality advertising at more competitive prices than the national firms. Our goal is to provide advertisers with the best in digital signage at an affordable rate and flexible plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Outdoor?

Digital billboards are the newest form of outdoor advertising. It affords the retailer or service provider with the ultimate ability to get their message out to the public in an instant! Atlas Media digital displays use state of the art LED technology that reaches audiences in visually captivating and targeted ways.

What Makes Digital Unique?

Your message can change every minute (rotation) if that is what your business demands. From one-day sales to unexpected inventory to special events,
digital signage provides your brand “real time” messaging that can be changed or updated throughout the day, week or campaign.

What is Sight Time?

This is the amount of time the average driver has to view an outdoor sign. Atlas Media’s sign on I-94 East (west facing) allows a minimum 8-10 seconds “sight” time” to ensure visibility of your message.

How Much is Production?

There is NO vinyl or paper to produce! You or your design agency send electronic files to Atlas MEdia. We will assist you with formatting and for a small fee, we can provide all-in-one ad space and creative design.

Is It Expensive?

Costs are always relative to your selected plan. There is no cheaper way to reach a captive audience. We don’t make our clients sign long-term contracts.* Whether it is only for ONE day, ONE month, or ONE year, Atlas Media will make it work for your business!

* Contract is required

2018 Digital Pricing

Full Rotation

One: 08 spot / minute

10 Day$900
28 Day$2,240
6 Month$13,650
1 Year$25,550

Half Rotation

One: 08 spot / 2 minutes

10 Day$450
28 Day$1,120
6 Month$6,825
1 Year$12,775

Customized Display Program

  • From short-term offers to multi-year commitments, Atlas Media meets your advertising needs and budget with flexible plans.
  • Guaranteed and immediate sign “change” turn around time.
  • All digital pricing is subject to 48-hour changes based on availability.
  • Atlas Media has the right to deny any and all copy that does not meet the standards of basic propriety. All contracts must be approved by Atlas Media’s legal department.